Monday, March 23, 2015

Update about Kepler's Military History Book Reviews

No, I haven't stopped reading and reviewing military history books. Life has gotten in the way.

  • I had my mother have a long hospitalization including a lengthy stay in intensive care, followed by moving her to skilled-nursing care before she passed away. 
  • I am dealing with the challenges of being a caregiver for my nearly ninety years old father.
  • I have a spouse with inoperable cancer.
  • Oh, I also have recovered from abdominal surgery late last year as well as having a screw loose in my should. I have been working with the shoulder surgeon and undergoing physical therapy.
Thank you for your understanding. With a full-time day job, I only have so much bandwidth to accomplish things. The book reviews are getting a lower priority at present. Yes, they will return at a date to be determined.